Friday, April 28, 2006


Quirky cookbook delights

Here's a link to an entry on Bill McCrory's excellent Whitecaps blog about EWU professor Jay Moynahan's cookbooks. Check it out...

Whitecaps blog

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Meyer anxious for NFL draft this weekend

EWU's Payton Award-winning QB Erik Meyer should have his name called in the NFL draft this weekend, likely anywhere from the 5th to 7th rounds. There is a nice story about him and his time at EWU in today's P-I.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


McCall-Smith brings curtain down on another successful Get Lit! festival

Alexander McCall-Smith closed the 2006 Get Lit! festival with a flourish on Saturday. Read Dan Webster's account of McCall-Smith's presentation...

Spokesman Review


Negotiations stall between faculty and admin

The weekend Spokesman Review gave a rundown of the status of the labor negotiations between the EWU faculty and administration.

Spokesman Review

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Barb Brock's TV advice

EWU professor Barb Brock, the nation's foremost expert on how to NOT watch TV, gives some tips on how to cope with less TV in your life in this Wichita Eagle story.

Wichita Eagle

Monday, April 17, 2006


Getting in the game

Eastern will be offering a new computer science degree in computer game animation and development this fall. The Spokesman Review's Shawn Vestal wrote a very informative piece on Saturday about the reasons behind the implementation of the program and how EWU sees it impacting the future of its computer science program and, more importantly, the region's economics.

Computer games are more than just computer code, they also integrate visual art and music -- that sets up a great possible synergy between EWU's film and electronic media program, Eastern's music program and the new degree program. The sky's the limit.

Spokesman Review, TMCnet (for those without a S-R online subscription)

Here's a link to the KXLY-4 news piece that ran on the 5 p.m. news cast on Saturday:
Streaming Video of KXLY story


It's GET LIT! week

Get Lit! 2006 started today -- the Spokesman had a good run-down of the literary festival events in the paper over the weekend. EWU Press is the event's primary sponsor.

Spokesman Review



The Spokesman Review had a piece on the controversial confidentiality agreement that was presented to the EWU faculty. After the agreement document was roundly criticized by the faculty, it was withdrawn from consideration. The Spokesman story recounts the issue.

Spokesman Review

Thursday, April 13, 2006


EWU@BCC satisfied customer

Eastern's 4-year business program being offered at Bellevue Community College is fairly new, as the two institutions agreed to team up last year. Here's a nice blog entry from one of our new EWU @ BCC students...

TBQelite blog


Statewide applications decline hard to explain

After years of continuous growth in students, many of the state's public universities, including Eastern, are seeing a bit of an unexpected dropoff in applications for next year. A story in today's Olympian examines what may be happening to cause the dropoff.

Eastern's Michelle Whittingham is quoted in the story.

The Olympian

Monday, April 10, 2006


30 years at a VA hospital

Carolyn Crampton finished up at EWU in 1975 and headed to Roseburg, Ore. to begin her nursing career at what was then a new VA hospital. She talks about her 30 years at the hospital in a Roseburg News-Review feature story.

Roseburg News-Review


EWU dean talks about teaching and college loans

The interim dean of the EWU College of Education, Alan Coelho, talks about whether high student loan debts are scaring students away from the teaching profession.

Spokesman Review


Shovic shows wireless weaknesses

EWU cybersecurity professor John Shovic showed Seattle-area TV viewers how vulnerable many wireless networks are. Shovic was in Seattle last week to speak at an Eastern Edge presentation, events sponsored by EWU to raise public awareness of science, technology and economics issues.

Here's the KOMO News broadcast:


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The elusive presidential pooch

As if the first two days on campus weren't hectic enough, new EWU president Rodolfo Arevalo had to worry about the where-abouts of the presidential pooch -- Apie -- who decided to take an impromptu tour of Cheney yesterday afternoon after finding a way out of the University House yard.

After some frantic searching, the presidential pooch was found in the Lincoln's yard in west Cheney, about a half-mile from the president's residence.


Alums doing runway duty

Eastern alums Stacie Fuhriman and Ron Poplawski will don Eagle gear for a walk down the runway at the Goodwill Inland Northwest 22nd Fashion and Bloom show on April 8. Poplawski is the husband of Eastern's alumni relations director, Lisa Poplawski.

The Easterner


Eastern alum clears the hurdles to her PhD

Robbie Paul's difficult life-long trek to achieving her dream of a PhD is chronicled in this Indian Country Today feature. Paul received her master's degree in psychology from Eastern in 1994.

Indian Country Today

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