Thursday, November 30, 2006


Collaboration between EWU and WSU students on U-District

EWU and WSU students teamed up to put on a smart growth forum for the Spokane U-District last night. The S-R's Shawn Vestal checked in on the collaborative project.

Spokesman Review


Survey done to guage interest in themed districts in Spokane

EWU business students designed and conducted a survey to determine Spokane residents' interest in themed neighborhoods.

Spokesman Review


EWU student plaintiff in Internet filtering suit

An Eastern student from Moses Lake is suing the North Central Washington Library District for blocking access to information on the Internet on the district's public computers. The ACLU is listed as the main plaintiff.

The student said she wasn't allowed to access information for research she was doing on drugs and alcohol treatment.

Columbia Basin Herald


Eastern students "park-ing" in Liberty Lake

The city of Liberty Lake has worked out a deal with Eastern's recreation and leisure degree program which allows EWU students to get credits for helping the city run its new parks.

Spokesman Review


Inland Empire a shared moniker

Where is the Inland Empire? Is it the region surrounding Spokane? Or is it in southern California? Actually, it's both. The LA Times has an interesting piece that talks about the history of the name Inland Empire that features EWU professor Bill Stimson.

Los Angeles Times

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Walter finalist, but not winner of National Book Award

EWU grad Jess Walter, a finalist for the National Book Award for fiction for his novel, "The Zero," didn't win the award, but was grateful for being a finalist, none-the-less.

Washington Post, Spokesman Review


Eastern's youngest student

Getting a big head start on his peers, seventh-grader Joseph Sullivan received EWU history credits for his academic journal he kept of his travels to Europe.

Medford Transcript


Hmmm. Aren't you supposed to be studying?

A couple of EWU students braved the ugly nighttime weather to stand in line for Sony's new PlayStation 3 gaming console. The Spokesman catches up with their outdoor trials and travails...

Spokesman Review

Monday, November 13, 2006


Former EWU student uses blog as instrument of free speech in Saudi Arabia

Former EWU computer science student Fouad al-Farhan is Saudi Arabia's most popular blogger. In this Washington Post story, he talks about the use of blogs as vehicles of free speech in a very conservative Saudi Arabian society.

Washington Post


Children learning Chinese

Chinese language classes in Spokane are helping children maintain ties to their culture. EWU's Patrick Jones, who has a child in the program, talks about the importance of the program.

Spokesman Review


Magnetic polymers?

EWU's Jamie Manson is on the leading edge of an effort to study the possibility of magnetism in organic materials. Apparently the effort may be poised for a breakthrough.

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