Thursday, April 14, 2005


Churchill roundup

I've gone back and grabbed a good representation of the mass coverage of the saga of the Ward Churchill disinvitation/free speech lamentings/visit...

Churchill visit: Easterner Online, Rocky Mtn. News, Seattle Times, Spokesman Review, Wired News, UK Guardian, Seattle P-I, Cheney Free Press, The Inlander

Churchill pre-visit: Rocky Mtn. News, Spokesman Review, Denver Post, KXLY (w/ video), Chronicle of Higher Ed, Easterner Online, Bill O'Reilly, ACLU letter, EWU Young Demos, University Diaries Blog, I Speak of Dreams Blog, The Inlander (funny), Sound Politics Blog, Right Mind Blog, Ward Churchill is a Fraud Blog (all Ward, all the time)

While there is more out there, I'll leave some Googling fun for y'all...

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