Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Wow -- the Seahawks Extravaganza on Saturday was probably the most successful event we've ever put on here at Eastern... with a little help from our NFC Champs guests...

I'm kind of bummed out that they'll be likely moving their training camp to Renton after next summer's camp, but I'm holding out a little sliver of hope that we can convince them their tradition at EWU is more important than the bit of convenience they get by having camp in Renton.

If you weren't able to get out here to campus for the Extravaganza, check out what you missed on this 4-minute video from the 'Hawks' website -- just click on the video tab on navigation bar on the site and scroll the video pane in the center of the screen down to "Extravaganza!"

Also, here's a great story about how Shaun Alexander spends his free time in Cheney during camp. He's more than just an MVP on the field...

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