Friday, January 26, 2007


New Media Relations Guy, New Blogger

Readers of this blog have noticed quite a gap between the last postings in early December and now. This is the result of some turnover in the University Relations office. The previous author of this blog, Dave Rey, has taken a job in the President's Office here at Eastern.

So now you get a new Dave - Dave Meany. I'm the new Media Relations Specialist here at Eastern. I'm not only thrilled to be here, but I look forward to developing this great blog that Dave Rey created. Please be patient as I get up to speed. My goal is to post daily articles and happenings about EWU, and I look forward to your input as we move this forward with new ideas. For the time being, you still might see the name "DRey" on each posting as we make the conversion.

If you got this far - thanks! Come again, and go Eagles! Dave.

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