Monday, April 23, 2007


State Budget pays off for Eastern

Lawmakers for the State of Washington have put together a two-year construction budget and it includes some key requests from Eastern Washington University. Two halls that are in dire need of renovation - Hargreaves and Patterson (which is one of EWU's biggest academic facilities)
In fact, the whole Spokane area fared very well this go around - with everything from key road projects to a white water park and community centers getting much-needed cash.

Here's a brief excerpt from the Spokesman Reviews take on the matter :

OLYMPIA - State lawmakers have agreed on a two-year construction budget that includes hundreds of millions of dollars for Inland Northwest universities, nonprofit organizations, parks and civic groups.

"It's scary-good for Spokane," said Rep. Timm Ormsby, who's on one of the budget-writing committees.

•Eastern Washington University: $38 million, including $10.8 million to renovate Hargreaves Hall and $2 million toward a remodel of Patterson Hall.

To see the 286-page budget bill or a 50-page summary, go to and click on "conference committee reports."

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