Thursday, May 31, 2007


Changes at Eastern

The month of May is ending with some big news about the big move in athletics - the termination of basketball coach Mike Burns. Many are questioning the timing of this decision because the month of March, not May, is usually when such personnel decisions are made.
The administration at Eastern is very aware of this issue and took everything into consideration when making this difficult decision - especially since it came on the heels of the athletic director's departure in March. The bottom line is that the timing for such a move is really never good, as lives are disrupted and universities are second-guessed. When you feel like you're making a decision that is best for your institution no matter what, then timing really isn't a factor.
Overall, things are looking very bright at Eastern. We will be bringing in a new athletic director this summer along with a new basketball coach. Both will bring a fresh approach to the University. Student enrollment remains strong and there are both fundraising and branding campaigns aimed at strengthening our position as a quality comprehensive that provides an excellent experience for students.

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