Monday, May 14, 2007


President gets high marks

Eastern Washington University President Rodolfo Arévalo left quite an impression on a young Yakima student during her trip to Olympia this past legislative session. Veronica Quintero attends Wahluke High School in Mattawa, outside Yakima. She attended a conference that included a whirlwind tour of the Capitol and various workshops. Veronica also listened in on a keynote address given by Dr. Arévalo. Here's what she had to say in a recent posting on

"The keynote speaker was Dr. Rodolfo Arévalo, president of Eastern Washington University. His story was very moving. He is a person everyone can look up to. After overcoming many struggles, he became the first Hispanic president of a four-year institution in the state of Washington.
Arévalo is an example of what hard work can lead to. He said that as a young student, he "was not seen as being college material," so he took matters into his own hands. Throughout his speech, he repeatedly used the quote, "eye on the prize," when describing his motivation.
I learned that your future is what you make of it, and education is a firm basis upon which to start. "

This is what Eastern is all about, offering those who might not otherwise have a chance to go do college... to get a degree.

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