Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hargreaves Update

A quick update on Eastern's Historic Hargreaves Hall. Those around campus know preparation work has actually been underway for a few months. But things start in earnest real soon. This from the Spokesman.

EWU's Hargreaves Hall will be renovated

Jacob Jones Correspondent June 21, 2007

A two-year, $13.3 million renovation of a former library at Eastern Washington University is set to begin next month.
EWU Projects Manager Jim Moeller said site preparation at historic Hargreaves Hall is expected to begin after July 9 for the first of two renovation phases.
The first includes reconstructing the parking lot, extending a utility tunnel and preparing the basement, he said.
Spokane contractor Schimmels Construction Inc., the only bidder on the first phase, was awarded a $930,000 contract in May.
Moeller, who said concrete and utility preparation would stretch into the fall, said he expects bidding on the second phase to start in October.
Hargreaves Hall is one of six EWU buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Moeller said.
"The building had reached the end of its life cycle," he said.
The original hall of 1940 included a large reading room with 27-foot ceilings. The open space, lined with ornamental plaster and mahogany shelving, later was converted to add another floor for classrooms.
"This project is to restore that space," Moeller said.
Renovation will reopen the high ceiling, replace aging electrical and heating systems and renovate space for several administrative offices, he said.
EWU hopes to use the reopened space for special events such as speakers and fundraisers.
The second phase, which is expected to cost about $7.7 million, also will add 9,000 square feet of classroom space to the back of the 36,000-square-foot building, Moeller said. The addition will create one new classroom for a total of seven.
The cost of planning, fees and both phases of construction totals approximately $13.3 million, Moeller said.
State legislators approved the funding in the latest two-year construction budget.
The renovation is expected to be completed by March 2009.
Concerned faculty members told the student newspaper, The Easterner, they are worried the renovation might endanger the building's historical status.
Administrators told the paper they have to balance heritage with practicality.
The university hopes to match the original building as much as possible, Moeller said, even tracking down the original source of Tennessee marble for the walls.
"It will be treated as more of a restoration," he said.

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