Monday, July 30, 2007


Life without Seahawks

Back from vacation, and my first order of business was to actually get out of bed early Sunday and drive to campus to meet up with Seattle Times reporter Greg Bishop. He wanted to be in Cheney at the exact same time the Seattle Seahawks opened their NFL training camp. The catch is, unlike 20 other years over two different stretches, the Hawks weren't opening camp on the EWU campus in Cheney. The franchise is following the league trend of staying close to home for camp.
Bishop wanted to capture not only the flavor and memories from all the great summers the team spent in Cheney, but what life was like on this particular day on the Eastern campus - the beginning of a new era without the Seahawks.

EWU has been here 125 years, and will march forward for another 125. The Seahawks were a brief, but valuable part of that history.

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Here's the story.

Seattle Times

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