Thursday, August 16, 2007


Chasing Bonds...and others

Not many people may know it, but the man who is known as the most avid collector of sports memorabilia is an Eastern Alum. As the link below explains, Todd McFarlane owns Mark McGuire's record-breaking 70Th home run ball as well as Barry Bonds' 73rd home run ball a few years later.
Before I send you to the article on McFarlane's interest (or lack thereof) in Bonds' latest home run ball, an interesting tidbit. Last week, McFarlane was a guest on ESPN radio in the morning, hosted by Colin Cowherd. 'The Herd', as his show is named, is one of the most popular sports radio talk shows on the air. And Cowherd also went to school at Eastern. There was a great moment when Cowherd mentioned they both attended EWU and McFarlane responded, "I didn't know you were an Eagle!"
Eastern ended up getting 30 seconds of free publicity on national radio by two people who took what they learned in Cheney and really started something big.

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