Tuesday, September 25, 2007


They're Back

Walking around campus the last few days you can see things are slowly changing. Sure, the tree's are starting to wear those fall colors, and the morning dew on the grass is a reminder that the first freeze isn't far away.
But I'm not talking about the change of seasons. Instead, the fresh faces of students are starting to appear everywhere. There are looks of delight and enthusiasm from those freshman who are so proud to be on a college campus. They're usually accompanied by a proud parent, who's wallet no doubt is a bit lighter after trips to the bookstore and grocery store.
You also have the seasoned veterans, those returning students, who have been there, done that!
In any event, the slow days of summer when staff had the campus to ourselves is giving way to the hustle and bustle of college life once again. It's very refreshing, sort of brings new life into the daily routine.
This year, Eastern welcomes some 10,000 students...which continues to be a solid number for a regional university. This includes some 2,000 students who will take classes at the Riverpoint Campus in downtown Spokane (an area known as the U-District). While many non-traditional students (parents, those who full-time jobs) take classes at Riverpoint, the Cheney campus is serving more of the traditional four-year students. So, overall it's a nice blend.
Here's to a good year.
Let's start something big.

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