Friday, February 01, 2008


Snowed In

Been a difficult week for many, as the series of snow storms has made traveling a bit tenuous. The roads to our Cheney campus are pretty good now, but parking is still an issue. The streets and lots are full of snow berms, the city is running out places to put the white stuff.
Many folks are discovering that riding the bus isn't such a bad thing, and they might continue to do it even beyond winter.
Also, I've learned the lifeline to the University in times like this is the snow line, 359-SNOW. As a former reporter, I've sort of flipped the switch into my news mode, providing daily (often 2-3 times a day) updates on the snow line as if it were a mini-news report.
Our new e2Campus alert system, purchased after Virginia Tech, has also been a great tool. We can basically send a text message to your cell phone or email address within seconds of learning of a closure. This weather event has been a great test run for the system, as we have learned its nuances and how it can work in a major emergency (active shooter, bomb threat). Also, more than 400 people have signed up for e2Campus since last weekend once they realized how it can help them get the latest information. We have roughly 2,000 students, parents, faculty and staff on the system now with a capacity of up to 10,000.
It may very well be May by the time all the snow melts, but so far, a winter to remember.

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